Unveiling the Malaysian Car Insurance Premiums by State of the Nation: Who’s Paying the Most?

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Hey there, road buddies! Today, we’re hopping into the driver’s seat to explore the wild world of Malaysian car insurance premiums. Buckle up as we dive into the numbers and unravel the top five highest premiums by states. Spoiler alert: Selangor is taking the lead.

Selangor is the boss in this game. Over the past five years, drivers in Selangor have consistently shelled out an average of RM1,300. If your daily drive includes the vibrant streets of Selangor, it’s time to face the reality check— it might be time to do some insurance shopping!  

But hold on, Selangor isn’t the only star in this show. Wilayah Persekutuan, Johor, Pulau Pinang, and Perak are also throwing their hats into the ring, making the list of top five states where car insurance premiums are doing a bit of a cha-cha! 

Let’s break down the top 5 Highest Premiums across the states: 

  • Selangor: Taking the lead with an impressive 35.86% share, Selangor drivers have collectively contributed significantly to premiums over the past five years. That’s not just a premium; it’s practically a down payment on a luxury car!
  • Wilayah Persekutuan: Not far behind, the capital territory boasts an 18.64% share translating to a substantial percentage premium expenditure. Talk about the city lights shining bright on insurance bills.
  • Johor: Clocking in at third place, Johor claims a solid 15.18%, leading to a hefty percentage premium expenditure. It seems the southern state is cruising through the insurance game with a sizeable budget.
  • Pulau Pinang: The Pearl of the Orient isn’t holding back either, securing a 10.56% share with a significant percentage in premiums. Looks like the scenic beauty comes at a premium for Pulau Pinang drivers.
  • Perak: Rounding up the top five, Perak stays with an 8.42% share, resulting in a notable percentage of total premium expenditure. The Silver State isn’t staying silver in terms of insurance costs! 

Is it the hustle and bustle, the accident hotspots, or perhaps a unique driving culture that’s revving up car insurance premiums? Urban areas like Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan are bustling hubs, it seems like the bill for its vibrant lifestyle might just be reflected in those car insurance premiums.  

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As we pull over and conclude this expedition into Malaysian car insurance premiums, it’s abundantly clear that the road to savvy driving involves deciphering the distinctive dynamics of each state. Whether you’re navigating the premium wonderland of Selangor or the cost-conscious roads of Perak, remember: your car insurance choices shape the journey.
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*Subject to the premiums and sum insured of your car insurance.

Disclaimer: Data is derived from internal reports and does not represent actual industry data.