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Not driving much these days? No problems, get discount for driving less. Exciting news for all drivers! Driving less these days doesn’t only save your fuel, but also allows you to save on your car insurance premium. Simply choose a mileage plan and drop your details, we’ll get back to you with a quote!


Your car is having a good snooze!  Drive Less, $ave More with GoInsuran.

Select a customised mileage plan based on your usage so you can save more on your annual premium and rebate! 

Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 1

Main advantage is no coverage downgrade although the mileage is exceeded.

Product Plan / Features  Pricing  Coverage duration 
MP1 – Less than 5000km  40% saved  1 year 

can top up to higher plan 

MP2 – Less than 10,000km  25% saved 
MP3 – Less than 15,000km  15% saved 
MP4 – Less than 20,000km  5% saved 

** if exceeding the mileage during the accident, you will have to bear part of the cost in the same percentage as the premium rebate, for example MP4 – 5%. The miles travelled is the difference between the odometer readings at the time of purchase and at the time of accident. 

  • Instant premium rebate upon sign-up 
  • No interim odometer submissions needed. 
  • No downgrade to third party cover when you exceed your mileage. 
  • Enjoy 7-day bonus mileage upon sign up. 
  • Enjoy the option to top up without underwriting fee 
  • Eligibility: All private cars with comprehensive cover. 


  1. Choose your desired mileage plan
  2. Snap a photo of your car odometer reading and 4 sides of your vehicle
  3. WhatsApp us via +6012 603 1978 together with your vehicle registration number within 7 calendar days upon submission of the cover note
  4. Purchase completed! You’ve just saved on your car insurance premium

** need to snap odometer photos and send via WhatsApp

Plan 2

Main advantage is this plan comes with SOS Panic button (bluetooth-based device)

Product Plan / Features  Pricing  Coverage duration 
Plan A: up to 5000KM (discount up to 50%)  Sum Insured RM91,000  

Basic premium:  

Plan 5K – RM1,473.71  

Plan 10K – RM1,964.95  

Plan 15K – RM2,210.57  

1 year  

can top up to higher plan 

Plan B: up to 10,000KM (discount up to 40%) 
Plan C: up to 15,000KM (discount up to 20%) 


  • Min sum insured RM20,000 
  • Individual policyholder only 

SOS Panic button (bluetooth-based device) – with emergency and accident alert button: 

  • With All drivers cover 
  • breakdown and towing assistance 
  • Repair Warranty of 12 months 
  • Special perils – Cover up to RM10K or 20% sum insured whichever lower 
  • *Grace mileage: Additional 500km per year is automatically added to your comprehensive allocated mileage plan before the 
    end of your insurance period 

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