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At GoInsuran, we recognize the significance of renewals without complications. Our structure is deliberately crafted to smoothen the renewal process, ensuring a straightforward encounter for you. Our easily navigable interface assures a seamless renewal of your automobile insurance, exempt from any superfluous intricacies. By electing to partner with us for your renewal, you’ll enjoy an assortment of special advantages.


  • Quickly and effortlessly compare prices from top insurers in one glance. 
  • Get live quotes from up to 12 leading insurers. 
  • Renew your car insurance as fast as 3 minutes. 
  • Trust our reputable service for a secure renewal process, backed by the esteemed Tan Chong Group. 
  • 24/7 support for roadside assistance. 
  • Genuine parts replacement and paintwork warranty. 
  • Enjoy extended betterment charge waiver and keycare cover* (applicable to Tan Chong car brands only). 
  • Secure fair compensation with 100% agreed value. 

Special offer for Digi User

As an exclusive privilege, Digi customers can now enjoy an additional discount by using the promo code GODIGI during their car insurance renewal. Our collaboration with Digi enhances your car-related experience with this special offer, magnifying the benefits of your renewal process. GODIGI

How to enjoy extra savings:

  • Visit our renewal portal at www.goinsuran.com/renew
  • Enter your car and personal details.
  • Customize your renewal by selecting benefits and choosing the insurance price from Malaysia’s top insurers. 
  • For extra savings, enter the promo code GODIGI during payment checkout. 

Renewing your car insurance has never been this convenient. Trust GoInsuran for a seamless renewal experience

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