Super Easy! You can begin your renewal here . All you need to do is to key-in the Vehicle No., IC and Postcode to proceed. We will then provide you with prices comparison, if satisfied, just select your preferred insurer and proceed to pay. That’s it! You’re done and we will deliver your e-policy via given email.

We recommend you to register as GoInsuran member to view your purchase history and quotations.

Yes, this internet-based service is available 24/7.

GoInsuran is available to anyone who has a Malaysian-registered vehicle with JPJ.

It is hassle-free, time-saving, cost-effective and accessible at any time. You can compare prices at a glance and complete your renewal as fast as 3 minutes.

We offer comprehensive motor coverage package at an affordable premium with attractive value-add benefits to you. Please refer here for full benefits listing.

You will be able to see prices comparison up to 14  insurers in minutes.

Yes, it is safe and secure. The road tax renewal through GoInsuran is verified and approved by JPJ and the Malaysian Government.

Definitely yes! As long as you have sufficient info of their personal and vehicle details.

The charges involved are road tax charges and service charges by MyEG. GoInsuran will deliver your road tax for free!

Yes, this service is available for vehicles used both in West and East Malaysia.

We will deliver to your doorstep within 3 working days for West Malaysia and 5 working days for East Malaysia.

We accept FPX Online Banking, Credit card or Debit card.

Our online payment service is provided and operated by iPay88.

Yes, our payment gateway (ipay88) limit is at RM6,000 per transaction, however the credit or debit card limit is subject to your available limit or balance in your credit or debit card account.

Once the payment is successful, you will receive a notification on payment details and invoice via your given email address.

Kindly call the bank to enquire about the credit card payment status. For debit card transactions, you may check your internet banking portal.

Yes, your debit card account will be debited immediately and your savings/ current account will reflect the change accordingly. For credit cards, your available credit limit will be reduced accordingly.

All successful transactions will receive a confirmation email that contains your purchase details. If you have not received any email, please email us at or call 1800-88-8185 for immediate assistance.

There is no extra charge whether you choose to use your credit or debit card.

You will receive an email of e-policy and invoice. E-policy will be sent in a separate email. In any case that you did not receive any email confirmation, please login to your account and check your purchase status or call 1800-88-8185 for immediate assistance.

You can send us an email at or you can chat with our friendly sales agent by clicking WhatsApp button at bottom right of the page.

Don’t worry! GoInsuran will be sending you reminders prior to your insurance expiry date.

Ideally, one or two months before your motor insurance expires.

You may reach us here at GoInsuran - Contact Us , we will revert to you soonest we can! Alternatively, you can email us at or call 1800-88-8185 for immediate assistance.

During the renewal process, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) online service will check any outstanding summons and blacklist records at both JPJ and PDRM's database system.

It is recommended for you to make payment for all your outstanding traffic offences recorded in order to avoid road tax renewal disruption. In the event that your car is black-listed in their system, we will not be able to renew your road tax.

In the event of any emergency or accident, you may call our 24/7 RSA 1800 88 3838 for immediate support and assistance.

The refunds will be based on the terms and conditions between GoInsuran and the panel insurance provider. Refund of premium will be made by the represented insurance provider's deemed appropriate method. There will be no refund of premium in the event that claims have taken place during the then current period of insurance.

Cancellation of the insurance policies are subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance provider. For further inquiries, please call 1800 88 8185 or email to

Payment cancellation will be directed to insured bank account.

Detariffication means removing the tariff structure (fixed price). This will allow insurance companies to charge premiums at a different price that correspond to its consumers' risk behaviour based on the business risks models and strategies. The detariffication of motor premiums offers more innovative and competitively priced motor products.

Before 1st July 2017 - Premiums for motor products are subject to the same tariff rates based on engine capacity and location., Flexibility in pricing based on the risk behaviour of the policyholders.

1st July 2017 onward - All products were defined and subjected to tariff rates, Insurers have the flexibility to offer new products and features based on the risk of the policyholders.

With the detariffication, every insurance company will have its own pricing models based on different characteristics of drivers and vehicles such as gender, driver’s age, usage of car, claims experience, occupation, vehicle make and model and other related factors.

At a glance: Different premiums rates since it’s based on the driver profiles, business risk models and strategies. A wider range of risk-based pricing motor insurance products to cater to your needs. Leverage on insurer’s continuous improvement includes customer experience, service level, operational efficacy and marketing strategies.