Safeguard the needs of your foreign worker while protecting your business

Shielding your workforce is essential, especially when it comes to foreign workers in Malaysia. Our tailored foreign workers’ insurance scheme isn’t just a safety net, it’s your shield against unforeseen accidents and health setbacks. With us by your side, you’re not just an employer, you’re in complete control of your workforce’s well-being and your business’s stability. 

Our Foreign Workers Insurance offers comprehensive cover by covering risks of the interest and welfare of foreign workers in Malaysia. Rest assured; we’ve got your protection covered with our array of insurance choices. Whether it’s Foreign Worker Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (SKHPPA), FWHS, or Foreign Worker Insurance Guarantee – FWIG, we have the perfect solutions tailored just for you. 

Share your information below, and our dedicated team will craft personalized quotes to suit your needs. Dive into the details of each coverage below Find below details on each coverage. 

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