Rev Up Your Ride with GoInsuran: Renew, Review and Menang! 

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Ever felt like car insurance renewal is such a drag? Well, GoInsuran is here to jazz things up with our GoInsuran Dimana-Mana: Renew, Review & Menang campaign! 

We’re turning the mundane task of renewing your car insurance into a chance to WIN some fantastic rewards. Exciting, right? 😎 

Join GoInsuran Dimana-Mana: Renew, Review & Menang Campaign Now! 

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Alright, let’s start off with the fun part, shall we? Well, you know how important it is to have comprehensive coverage, but did you know that by renewing your car insurance with GoInsuran, you could stand a chance to win an RM20* e-voucher? 🎉🛍️ 

Better yet, we have new winners daily, so you could just be the next! Here’s how you can join: 

  1. Renew Your Car Insurance: Visit and get your car insurance sorted. It’s a breeze – no sweat! 💻👍 You can also apply the promo code “GOINSURAN” for RM100* off and more at the checkout page! 
  1. Leave a Review: Head over to our Facebook page or Google page and tell us about your experience. Your feedback isn’t just gold to us, it’s your golden ticket to win! 🏅💬 
  1. Fill Out the Registration Form: Don’t forget to register your details through our quick and easy form here. A few clicks and you’re in! 📝✔️ 

*Terms and conditions apply 

Now before you speed through your car insurance renewal, take a moment to look at some aspects of car insurance that we should all keep in mind! 

Does Car Insurance Covers Protection such as Special Perils, Windscreen, and Legal Liability of Passenger to Third Party (LLOP) in Malaysia? 

Yes, absolutely!  However, these are often covered under additional coverage, or as add-ons, to your existing car insurance policy. Your typical car insurance would cover damage to your vehicle (caused by yourself or by a third-party) and car theft.  You always have the option to purchase for additional coverage to ensure that your car is properly covered, just as you are. 

Why do I Need Additional Optional Coverages for Car Insurance? 

We all love our cars, don’t we? They’re our trusty companions through rain and shine. 🌧️☀️ But what about those unexpected bumps in the journey – like windscreen damage, floods, or passenger liability issues? Here’s where GoInsuran’s add-on coverage comes in!  

  1. Windscreen Coverage 

Imagine driving down the road and suddenly, bam! A rogue stone sends a crack across your windscreen. Our windscreen coverage ensures you’re sorted out without any hassle. A cracked windscreen not only obstructs your view, but it can also be a safety hazard. This coverage makes sure you’re back on the road safely and quickly—plus, windscreen replacements won’t affect your No Claims Discount (NCD)! 

  1. Special Perils Coverage 

With unpredictable weather patterns, floods are, unfortunately, a reality. Our special perils coverage means your car is protected when Mother Nature throws a tantrum. 🌊🚙 Flood damage can lead to costly repairs, making this coverage essential to avoid out-of-pocket expenses and keep your vehicle in top shape. 

  1. Legal Liability to Passenger (LLP) 

Accidents happen, and sometimes passengers can get caught in the mix. LLP cover protects you against legal claims made by passengers, giving you peace of mind on every journey. This safeguard ensures that you are not financially liable for passenger injuries, providing comprehensive protection during any unfortunate incidents. 

  1. Legal Liability of Passenger to Third Party (LLOP) 

This one’s for the passengers! If someone riding in your car accidentally injures another person or damages property, this coverage has you covered. It pays for bodily injury claims and property damage claims from third parties, with a limit of up to RM3 million (subject to policy terms). This coverage isn’t available for commercial vehicles. 

  1. Additional Named Driver 

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to driving duties! Add a spouse, partner, or reliable friend as a named driver on your policy. They’ll get the same level of coverage as you, making carpooling or lending your car a breeze. 

  1. Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion 

Yikes! Let’s hope it never happens, but with unpredictable times, it’s good to be prepared. This coverage protects your car from damage caused by strikes, riots, and civil commotion. It’s a valuable add-on to your basic comprehensive motor insurance policy. 

  1. Personal Accident (PA) Insurance 

Accidents happen, and sometimes you’re the one who gets hurt. Personal accident insurance provides a safety net. It reimburses medical expenses from accidents, offers hospitalization benefits for alternative treatments, and even pays a lump sum payout in case of accidental death. It’s peace of mind for you and your loved ones. 

By choosing this additional coverage, you’re not just protecting your car, you’re giving yourself peace of mind, saving money in the long run, and getting a smoother ride in case of any bumps. 

Drive Away with Rewards – Happy Driving! 

Every renewal and review get you closer to snagging that RM20* e-voucher. You can then use the voucher for a delightful meal, cool car accessories, or saving it for a rainy day. The choice is yours to make!  

So, head on over to GoInsuran and join the Renew, Review & Menang campaign today. Your car deserves the best protection, and YOU deserve some awesome rewards. Happy driving and good luck! 🍀🚗 

Last but not least, renew your insurance today at Don’t miss out on the chance to grab RM100* OFF and more with promo code GOINSURAN at checkout page! 

*Subject to the premiums and sum insured of your car insurance