Everyone deserves a second chance!

Spot dan Menang (SDM) now extended until 30 Nov 2023.

1 | GET IT

Get the sticker via online form (SDMSticker) and we’ll deliver it to you.


Stick the sticker on your car (at the back/on rear windscreen) or your motorcycle.


Take photo of yourself with the SDM sticker that’s on your car or motorcycle and send us:

  1. WhatsApp to 019-308 8052 (https://bit.ly/SDMPhoto); No social media? fret not still can join us 😉 OR
  2. Post on your social media feed and #goinsuransdm

Up your winning chances by sending or posting photos as many as possible at different places. Level up your chances when you submit photos of spotted SDM stickers on the road too!