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GoInsuran comprehends the significance of renewals without hassles. Our setup is purposefully tailored to streamline the renewal process, providing a hassle-free journey for you. Our user-friendly system promises a smooth extension of your vehicle insurance, eliminating any surplus intricacies. When you decide on us for your renewal, you’ll gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits.


  • Quickly and effortlessly compare prices from top insurers in one glance. 
  • Get live quotes from up to 12 leading insurers. 
  • Renew your car insurance as fast as 3 minutes. 
  • Trust our reputable service for a secure renewal process, backed by the esteemed Tan Chong Group. 
  • 24/7 support for roadside assistance. 
  • Genuine parts replacement and paintwork warranty. 
  • Enjoy extended betterment charge waiver and keycare cover* (applicable to Tan Chong car brands only). 
  • Secure fair compensation with 100% agreed value. 

Special offer for Mekanika User

Unlocking a special privilege, Mekanika customers can now revel in an additional discount by entering the promo code GOMEKANIKA during their car insurance renewal process. Our partnership with Mekanika elevates your car-related adventure with this exclusive offer, intensifying the advantages of your renewal experience. 

How to enjoy extra savings:

  • Visit our renewal portal at www.goinsuran.com/renew
  • Enter your car and personal details.
  • Customize your renewal by selecting benefits and choosing the insurance price from Malaysia’s top insurers. 
  • For extra savings, enter the promo code GOMEKANIKA during payment checkout. 

It’s that simple! Renewing your car insurance has never been this convenient. 

About Mekanika

Mekanika.com.my was established in December 2012 to fill the existing void in online news coverage of the local and global automotive industry, delivered in the Malay language. Setting itself apart, mekanika.com.my presents as a website rather than a blog, as commonly found on the internet today. To offer a broader and diverse range of reading materials, the content on this website is segmented into specific categories. These include categories such as #Bulletin, Modifications, Reviews/Test Drives, Motorcycles, Lifestyle, and Commercial.