Get Personal Accident Insurance with COVID-19 Cover

#StayProtected with GoInsuran’s Personal Accident Insurance 

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker who skydives for fun or a couch potato whose biggest risk is running out of snacks during a Netflix marathon, accidents can sneak up on you just the same.🤷 

And guess what? They don’t discriminate. That’s where GoInsuran comes in, offering you our top-tier personal accident insurance. You heard right – it’s your financial bulletproof vest for those “Oops, did that just happen?” moments. 

Is Personal Accident Insurance Necessary? Yes! 

If you have ever wondered, “Do I need personal accident insurance?”, and cherish peace of mind as much as we do, then the answer is a resounding YES!💯 

Imagine this – you’re on your vacation that you’ve been looking forward to after a long, tiring stretch of work, and you start feeling the tingling, raspy dry cough and fever coming up. A Covid scare? That’s not the plot twist you want. 

GoInsuran’s personal accident insurance is like that reliable friend who’s got your back, providing 24/7 worldwide coverage. It’s not just a safety net; it’s your ticket to worry-free adventures. 

Why GoInsuran’s Personal Accident Insurance Is Your Best Choice 

Everyone wants the best bang for their buck when it comes to insurance. Picking us for your personal accident insurance is like choosing the VIP lane for safety and perks!✨ 

Offering protection at a pocket-friendly rate from just RM0.30 a day, our plan sneaks in COVID-19 coverage because, well, life happens. 

Plus, with cashless admission up to RM5,000, having a mishap doesn’t mean draining the bank. Our plan has your back 24/7 worldwide, adds a sprinkle of joy with a Renewal Bonus up to 120%, and yes, we’re that generous – one plan covers your whole family, unlimited kiddos included. Now, that’s what we call all-inclusive! 🎉🙌 

What Accidents Does Personal Accident Insurance Cover? More Like, What Doesn’t It Cover? 

Our personal accident insurance coverage isn’t playing around. Think of it as your hidden super powers, ready to swoop in when life throws you unexpected plot twists. Here’s the rundown: 

  • Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement: Because sometimes life hits hard, but we’ve got you covered. 
  • COVID-19 Protection: That pesky virus won’t know what hit it. 
  • Bereavement Allowance: Because we care beyond the immediate. 
  • Repatriation Expenses: Getting you or your loved ones back where they belong, on us. 
  • Medical Expenses: Dengue? Malaria? That unexpected tumble from your bike? Yep, covered. 
  • Daily Hospital Cash Allowance: Miss work? We’ll help cushion that financial blow. 
  • Weekly Nursing Care: Recovery’s tough but pocket-friendly nursing care? Check! 
  • Snatch Theft or Robbery: Got your wallet’s back, literally. 

👉But wait, there’s more! Get the full list of the items we cover here. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, our coverage is as broad as your crazy life stories. With GoInsuran’s personal accident coverage, you’re investing in peace of mind for pennies a day. And that, my friends, is priceless! 

Finding Your Perfect Match in Personal Accident Insurance 

Choosing an insurance plan can feel like browsing YouTube – overwhelming with too many options. But fear not! 

GoInsuran has simplified the process. Whether you’re flying solo, loading up the family caravan, or somewhere in between, we have flexible plans that suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Check out our personal accident insurance page here for the nitty-gritty details, and snag a quote by filling up the form here. Easy. Peasy. Insurance-squeezy. 

Grab Your Personal Accident Coverage Quote Now 

With GoInsuran’s personal accident insurance plans, you’re not just protecting yourself; you’re buying peace of mind – and that, dear friends, is priceless. Whatever little surprises life decides to throw at you, they don’t have to derail your finances. 

Don’t wait for the unforeseen to become a harsh reality. Shield yourself and your loved ones with GoInsuran personal accident insurance. Because when it comes to life’s uncertainties, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Visit us here and lock down your safety net today. After all, your future self will thank you for being so smart and savvy. 

Remember, GoInsuran is not just any insurance provider; we’re your buddy in times of need. Together, we got this!💪

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