GoInsuran and InDrive teamed up!

Drivers, Rejoice! Get Your Car Insurance with GoInsuran and InDrive

Hey there, fabulous drivers of Malaysia! 🚗💨 With Hari Raya Aidilfitri just around the corner, it’s time to give your car that extra bit of love it deserves. And by love, we mean making sure your car insurance and road tax is up to par—because, trust us, your car’s feelings about being legal and protected are as real as your cravings for rendang and ketupat! 

Can I Renew My Car Insurance Early? Yes, And Here’s Why You Should! 

Renewing your car insurance early with GoInsuran is like grabbing the best seat at a blockbuster movie—smart, rewarding, and you get to watch everyone else scramble. 🍿 

Plus, with everything online, it’s easier than finding your car in a crowded mall parking lot. Click through to our speedy GoInsuran car insurance renewal page, and in just a few clicks, you’ll be set faster than you can say “I need more lemang.” 

Why Does My Car Insurance Go Up With No Accidents? 

Ever wondered why your car insurance premium skyrockets even when your driving record is as clean as a whistle? You’re not alone! 🤷‍♂️  

Picture this: Even if you haven’t been involved in any accidents, factors like increased claims in your area, changes in your credit score, or even the rising cost of car repairs can make your premiums zoom up faster than a sports car on an open highway. 

It’s not just about you; it’s about the bigger picture the insurance companies are painting based on patterns and risks. But don’t worry; GoInsuran is here to help you understand these twists and turns, keeping your premiums as low as possible while still offering top-notch coverage. 

What Happens When You Have a Car Accident Without Insurance? 

Riding the roads without insurance is like playing a game of Russian roulette with your wallet (and sanity) at stake.  

If you get into an accident without insurance, you’re on the hook for all the damages. Yep, every single cent–from repairing the cars involved to covering any medical bills. And if the other party decides to take legal action? That’s a level of stress no one needs. 

Plus, driving without insurance is a legal no-no, and getting caught could lead to fines, suspended licenses, or even worse. That’s why GoInsuran is all about making sure you’re covered, so you can cruise with peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected against the unexpected bumps along the way. 

Comprehensive or Third Party? The Great Debate 

Choosing between comprehensive and third-party insurance is like picking between a sports car and a minivan; both have their perks, but it really comes down to what’s right for you. 

Comprehensive insurance is your all-in-one shield—think of it as the superhero cape for your car, protecting you from theft, fire, accidents, and even those sneaky flood damages (with add-on).

Third-party insurance, on the other hand, covers damages you might cause to other cars or property. It’s your car’s way of being a courteous guest at the party. 

Unsure what’s the best fit? GoInsuran has got you sorted with options that suit every driver’s needs and budget. 

Introducing GoInsuran’s Exclusive Car Insurance for E-hailing Drivers 

Now, for our e-hailing heroes zipping around Malaysia – yes, we’re talking to you, the unsung champions of midnight cravings and airport dashes – we’ve got something special. 

We’ve teamed up with InDrive to bring you tailored car insurance that understands the ebb and flow of e-hailing life. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be covered while making those extra duit Raya, right? More on that below 👇🏻 


Why Choose GoInsuran Car Insurance This Raya Season? 

Besides being as easy as pie (or should we say, kuih?), renewing with GoInsuran gives you perks galore: 

  • Live quotes up to 12 insurers 
  • Price comparison at a glance 
  • Road Tax Renewal: Quick, easy online process and digital—no queues, no fuss. 
  • Betterment waived up to 7 years 
  • 100% cover agreed value up to 15 years of vehicle age 

Don’t forget add-on coverage for greater love for your car: 

  • Comprehensive Coverage for All Drivers: Everyone driving your car is covered, no exceptions. 
  • Windscreen Woes Be Gone: Coverage for repair or replacement of your windscreen. 
  • Weather or Not – You’re Covered: Protection against floods, strikes, riots, and more. 
  • Legal Liability Of Passenger To Third Party (LLOP): Ensures passengers are also covered in case of liability. 
  • Motorist Personal Accident Coverage @ RM15.90: Affordable accident coverage for drivers and riders. 
  • Flexible Payment Options: Various payment methods to suit your needs, including GrabPay, BNPL, and EPP. 
  • *Exclusive E-Hailing Insurance Options: Tailored coverage for e-hailing drivers, in partnership with InDrive. 

*Make sure to select ‘e-hailing’ on Benefits & Service page as you progress through our Get-a-Quote form for this special offer. 

Ready to give your car the ultimate Hari Raya gift? Hop on over to GoInsuran’s online car insurance quote to get started! Use promo code GOINSURAN for instant savings up to RM100* and more! *Subject to the premiums and sum insured of your car insurance.

Give yourself and your car the gift of ultimate protection this festive season, and drive into the future with GoInsuran – where your car’s well-being is our top priority! 🚗✨